Super Absorbency(40ml) Medium Waist Leak-free Panties
Super Absorbency(40ml) Medium Waist Leak-free Panties
Super Absorbency(40ml) Medium Waist Leak-free Panties

Super Absorbency(40ml) Medium Waist Leak-free Panties

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"DRYUNDIES" is a 100% Canadian company. Products manufactured in Turkey with 100% organic bamboo.

Leak-free Super Absorbency panties are organic,completely reusable, washable, odorless, allergen-free, non-irritating and eco-friendly. Our panties are ideal for your:

1- Menstruation
2- Bladder incontinence or occasional leaks
3- Tweens and teens
4- Workout sweat
5- Postpartum lochia & clots
6- Women with physical disabilities

 Say goodbye to constant trips to the bathroom during your period! With our Leak-free Super Absorbency panties, you can wear them for 5-6 hours on heavy days and 7-8 hours on normal to light days, thanks to their ability to absorb up to 40ml of liquid. However, for those particularly heavy days, it's best to change your panties more often to ensure maximum protection and comfort.


Washing your underwear shouldn't be complicated! We designed our products to be super easy to wash and care for. For best results, machine wash your panties on a cold delicate cycle (15-30°C) with mild detergent. That's it!

Pro tips: Don't use softener or bleach, and never machine dry or iron!

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Customer Reviews

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Very comfortable and convenient panties of the best quality. I recommend


I want to share my experience of using panties for menstruation) I accidentally found out from my husband that this product has recently appeared on the Canadian market, and originates from the USA. I have already tried several brands and liked only one brand, I settled on the Canadian brand Thedalida, since the quality of the materials is very good, the only thing is that the lineup consists of only three models of the same color, but no matter how it is not particularly problematic for me - the main thing is absorbency and wearing comfort. For plentiful periods, I chose shorts with a high fit and mesh - it turned out that they also look fashionable)) I ordered them on their website - the price is low. I'm glad that there are such opportunities for women ... and people are finally talking about menstruation, though it's not very clear why this problem was not covered earlier.

Mega comfortable

Mega comfortable
Girls, after childbirth, it’s better not to come up with convenience! Thin, put on and forget. It's not that these maxi mega diapers are thick, which stray between the legs. I advise, very, very much!

So good sleep

Bought this item out of curiosity. Never tried before. I liked it very much, I slept peacefully for the first time at night. I will buy on a regular basis. I will use it for flights and travel.

Anna Rey
Life-Saving panties!

As a woman who has been using it for 2 months, I want to say it's amazing! What a difficult period I've had with sanitary pads so far. I have harmed myself and nature. I am not bothered by having my period for 2 months. I can easily go to work and my social life. I use it for 8 hours on my busy days and 12 hours on my off-peak days. I wonder if the moon is full, leaked, or not, without worrying about it! This is a product that is very comfortable, does not cause allergies, does not restrict my movement, and does not require constant control! I'm always comfortable with the maxi peddon! I think every woman needs this experience! I call it the best investment I've ever made :)

Experience Unmatched Comfort and Confidence, Every Moment! DRYUNDIES: Redefining Period Protection for Women. From active play to yoga class and beyond, our innovative panties support you effortlessly. Say goodbye to leaks and embrace freedom with DRYUNDIES. Designed for bladder incontinence, teen periods, postpartum, and more. Crafted with care from organic materials for ultimate comfort and sustainability. Join us on this remarkable journey and discover a new level of confidence. Trust DRYUNDIES, your game-changer!

Embrace the Power of Period Freedom and Unleash Your Confidence! With our revolutionary products, you'll experience a new level of comfort and liberation during your period. Sleep soundly, move freely, and conquer every activity with ease! Say goodbye to worries and hello to ultimate confidence.

Our period protection empowers you to play with the kids, rock your yoga class, dive into the pool, and indulge in whatever your heart desires. Feel the difference in every moment. You're unstoppable, and your period won't hold you back anymore. It's time to rewrite the rules of comfort and confidence. Get ready to conquer the world with your unbeatable spirit!